Why Choose Us?

Arevn is a young and focused strategy consulting organization. We help your organization grow in India, whether you are a home-grown business or an international brand wanting to step into India. We provide business strategy, revenue growth advisory, business turnaround strategy, and India market entry consulting.

We bring to the table, deep insights from our multiple industry practices, on geographical, competition mitigation, pricing & positioning, and partners selection fronts.


Whether your challenge is internal or external – we can help; whether is culture-based or process-based – we can help; local competition or international brands – we can help, want to re-start with fresh capabilities; want real innovation; want it now or want to step-staggered-align it – we can help; want a culture of agility to deliver rapid growth – we can help; want to hire snug fit talent – we can help!


Customer expectations are evolving and so is the state of young competitors who are nimble in approach and technology-driven. A delay in taking the right strategic decisions can be devastating.

Bring your business out of its current sluggish pace and let us drive it to speed.