Mentoring Product & Design Startups

Image by Austin Distel

While there are a plethora of mentors available in the tech space, but almost nothing in the product & design space. And almost nothing in product design space. With our vast experience in marketing and product management for our clients and deep involvement in their product design and communication process, we are at the forefront of design thinking. We have helped many young start-ups and established corporations in their design endeavours.

We love to erratic non-linear approach towards design to solve customer issues and pain-points, constantly challenging assumptions through customer feedback at all stages. Together with our young design and product leads at many start-ups, we have created path-breaking and innovative prototypes and taken meaningful iterations to the final product.

And it doesn’t stop at that, we help you get the product to production and finally to into a consumer's hand, through our other teams that work with production firms. We also bring in packaging design authority to help communicate better and efficiently to the consumers.